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Using Arrays in JavaScript – Basics

By | February 28, 2011

Hi… We all know, Arrays are nothing but variables which can hold all your variable values with a single name. Let’s see some basic operations of Arrays in JavaScript. To Create a New Array. Use the following code. This code of line created a new Array object called myArray. Adding Elements to myArray or or Accessing Array Elements… Read More »

How to get a selected Item from a spinner in ANDROID?

By | February 28, 2011

We have come across this issue many times during programming to get a selected item in your combobox. ANDROID has built in functions to get the selected item from a spinner. Take a look at the snippet. Here my_spinner id the spinner variable and using getSelectedItem() which will return an object and by using toString() I am converting… Read More »

ProgressBar in ANDROID…..

By | February 28, 2011

Progress bars are our basic needs when we want to show something for a long time or some progress takes a long time and we want to show it’s progress. Keeping that in mind ANDROID also has built in progress views. There are basically two types of progress views in ANDROID. ProgressDialog.STYLE_SPINNER and ProgressDialog.STYLE_HORIZONTAL Take a look at… Read More »

Toggle between Full Screen and normal Screen in Adobe AIR or FLEX.

By | February 27, 2011

Hi all……… We often need to toggle between fullscreen and normal screen in our application. The following code snippet helps you to toggle between these two screens in Adobe AIR or Flex. Here I am using StageDisplayState class to do both which has “stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN” and ” stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.NORMAL” constants to do this.

How to detect shake Gesture in your iPhone Cocos2D?

By | February 26, 2011

For detecting shake in a cocos2D program copy these lines to your layer class bool shaked_once; //default false self.isAccelerometerEnabled = YES; [[UIAccelerometer sharedAccelerometer] setUpdateInterval:1/60]; shaked_once = false; Then copy this function to the same file…. and you are done…….. -(void) accelerometer:(UIAccelerometer *)accelerometer didAccelerate:(UIAcceleration *)acceleration { float THRESHOLD = 2; if (acceleration.x > THRESHOLD || acceleration.x < -THRESHOLD ||… Read More »

Hide and Show a Text Using jQuery – Example

By | February 26, 2011

With jQuery manipulation of HTML & CSS can be done very easily. Here we are going to show how to Hide a line of text using jQuery & Show it back also. Let’s code speak first…. <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#hideButton").click(function(){ $("p").hide(); }); $("#showButton").click(function(){ $("p").show(); }); }); </script> </head> <body> <p>Hey! Click ‘Left’, I… Read More »

Preventing Overriding in Java

By | February 25, 2011

Methods and variables can be ‘override’ in subclasses. (Yes, it’s a good feature too!). But what if we don’t want to ‘override’ our Methods and Variables in Java? It’s simple… Declare them using the keyword ‘final’ as modifier. That’s it. eg: So the value of myVariable can never be changed any way. Also for Classes/Methods. eg: It will… Read More »

Creating Exceptions in JAVA

By | February 25, 2011

This is a simple custom exception in java. That is, we can create an exception by extending the exception class. The “throw new MyExcep” will throw an exception and the error message we specified will be displayed import java.lang.Exception; @SuppressWarnings(“serial”) class MyExcep extends Exception { MyExcep(String Errormsg) { super(Errormsg); // call Exception class error message } } public… Read More »

PHP- Warning: session_start(): Cannot sent session cache limiter-headers already sent, ERROR

By | February 24, 2011

Most of the beginners in PHP while using sessions at the first time might have encountered a long error, starting with something like, Warning:session_start(): Cannot sent session cache limiter- headers already sent Fix : It’s too simple! Don’t ever leave atleast a single space before the PHP code (starting with

String Functions in C

By | February 23, 2011

Let’s now briefly discuss about four essential String function used in C. We are going to discuss about a) strlen() b) strcpy() c) strcat() d) strcmp() Codes speak louder than words! Let’s see what these functions do in a simple C Program. #include main() { char stringOne[15] = “CoderzHeaven”; char stringTwo[] =”Codes”; char stringThree[15]; int varOne, varTwo; //Counting… Read More »

Create PopUp Window in Adobe AIR / FLEX, A simple Example.

By | February 23, 2011

Below code shows how to create a new popUp window in Adobe AIR or FLEX. To create a new window “right click on the src folder and create a new MXML Component named Here “MyLoginForm” It should be aTitleWindow for the example below. How ever You can create other components, but the code accordingly must change. import mx.managers.PopUpManager;… Read More »

FullScreen Event in Adobe AIR or FLEX

By | February 22, 2011

  The following simple code snippet explains how to get an eventListener for FullScreen Event in Adobe AIR or FLEX. The function “onScreenModeChange ” gets called when you maximizes your window. private function init():void { stage.addEventListener( FullScreenEvent.FULL_SCREEN, onEnteringFullScreenMode); } private function onEnteringFullScreenMode( e:FullScreenEvent ):void { if( e.fullScreen ) { // Do something on fullscreen…………… } else { // Do… Read More »

Abstract Class in java

By | February 20, 2011

This example shows how a simple java abstract class works Here “Shape” is the abstract class abstract class Shape { abstract void initial(); // methods only defined….. abstract void display(); } class cube extends Shape { void initial() // Abstract Methods defined…. { System.out.println(“Hello !! “); } void display() { System.out.println(“How are you?”); } } public class Abstract… Read More »

How to create custom layout for your spinner in ANDROID? or Customizable spinner

By | February 20, 2011

This code helps you to customize the spinner in ANDROID. For that you have to create an XML file inside your layout folder as shown below and name it spinner.xml. You can give all properties that are available for TextView inside this which is going to be then applied for your spinner. Now I will show you how… Read More »

How to set an item selected in Spinner in ANDROID?

By | February 19, 2011

This code helps yoy to set an item in your combobox(spinner) in ANDROID. Here my_spinner is the combobox which we call as spinner in ANDROID. Declare it in your XML file and link to it by using the following code…. my_spinner= (Spinner)findViewById(; After that in your code set an item Listener for the spinner using the code below.… Read More »