Android TableLayout

By | March 9, 2011

In android there are different layouts and we often confuse about which one to use. Even if we select one, it is little complicated.

So this tutorials is to show you about the TableLayout

Here i first created linear Layout in which a Table Layout is added


Here you can see that the first row ie, the EditText length is limited to 1 column and so it is not looking good. So we can make the EditText span across two column by adding this line to EditText


Now we can position the TableLayout in the center of the screen by adding this to TableLayout

android:layout_gravity = "center_vertical"

Now we think of aligning this to center horizontal as

android:layout_gravity = "center_horizontal"

But this wont work. This is because of LinearLayout and here the positioning is restricted.
But their is solution “Relative Layout” and positioning is easy by using this layout.

I will cover this in my next Post

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