ColourPickerDialog in ANDROID.

By | June 17, 2011

Hello all..
This is an example demo showing the color picker in ANDROID.
This example is from the developer site of ANDROID. You can go to the developer site and download the Demo.
However here I am introducing it to you for easiness.

This is the output you will get after running this application.

Color picker

Download the whole project from here

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6 thoughts on “ColourPickerDialog in ANDROID.

  1. ishan

    developer site has only colourcicker class. but i can’t use that class correctly
    because i am new to android,,
    i want to create a simple drawing application with colour changes. so i want to change the colours by selecting.. how can i do that ,,


    1. James Post author

      Hello ishan…
      Please check the post for the attached project. Download it and run.

  2. behelit

    I’ve been looking for this for ages but none of the sites explained it properly or gave you actual working source.
    Thank you!!


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