July 2, 2015

What are Generics and Why should we use Generics?

The Java Generics programming is introduced in J2SE 5 to deal with type-safe objects.

Advantage of Java Generics

There are mainly 3 advantages of generics. They are as follows:

1)Type-safety : We can hold only a single type of objects in generics. It doesn’t allow to store other objects.

2)Type casting is not required: There is no need to typecast the object.

Before Generics, we need to type cast.

List list = new ArrayList();list.add("CoderzHeaven");String s = (String) list.get(0);//typecasting

After Generics, we don’t need to typecast the object.

List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();list.add("hello");String s = list.get(0);

3)Compile-Time Checking: It is checked at compile time so problem will not occur at runtime. The good programming strategy says it is far better to handle the problem at compile time than runtime.

List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();list.add("CoderzHeaven");list.add(23);//Compile Time Error

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