App Translation Service Now Available to All Developers

To help developers reach users in other languages, Google launched the App Translation Service, which allows developers to purchase professional app translations through the Google Play Developer Console. This is part of a toolbox of localization features you can (and should!) take advantage of as you distribute your app around the world through Google Play.

You’ll find the App Translation Service in the Developer Console at the bottom of the APK section — you can start a new translation or manage an existing translation here. You’ll be able to upload your app’s file of string resources, select the languages you want to translate into, select a professional translation vendor, and place your order. Pro tip: you can put your store listing text into the file you upload to the App Translation Service. You’ll be able to communicate with your translator to be sure you get a great result, and download your translated string files. After you do some localization testing, you’ll be ready to publish your newly translated app update on Google Play — with localized store listing text and graphics. Be sure to check back to see the results on your user base, and track the results of marketing campaigns in your new languages using Google Analytics integration.

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Google to unveil Moto X to take on Apple.


Google bought Motorola in 2011 and ever since there has not been a phone from Google and Motorola.
Now it is that Google will be unveiling Moto X to take on rival Apple.

iPhone overprice tag has not come down since its launch in 2007. This will be a area where Google and Motorola will be targeting.

While Apple’s critics say the once wildly inventive company is running out of ideas, Motorola’s chief executive, Dennis Woodside, has promised to bring “audaciousness” and “innovation” back to mobile computing.

In a future-gazing presentation at the AllThingsD conference in California, Woodside, who has been charged with turning around the company that invented the first mobile phones of the 1980s, said he was also working on wearable technology.

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900 million Android activations

Google’s Android OS has more than 900 million users, the company said Wednesday at its I/O event began in San Francisco.

Google also announced several APIs that will let developers add more capabilities to their Android apps, including in the areas of location and improving battery life.

“It’s been an amazing year for Android developers,” said Android and Chrome vice president Sundar Piachai.

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TouchScreen with Google Chrome OS coming soon….

Google Inc. has developed the first touchscreen laptops powered by its Chrome operating system to be sold later this year, according to people familiar with the matter, as the Internet giant tries to go toe-to-toe with Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system.

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Google – working on a secret phone called the “X-Phone”


Google is working on what the company is internally calling the “X Phone” that it hopes will provide a credible challenge to Apple and Samsung, reveals the Wall Street Journal. Google is using Motorola, which it acquired seven months ago for $12.5 billion, to design a phone that will supposedly have new features unlike any seen in the crop of products currently in the market. But becoming a cutting-edge phone manufacturer is proving a tad more difficult for Google than it had foreseen and the Internet giant has run into several supply-chain management problems, according to the paper.

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A better Google News experience on tablets

Google News on Tablets

There’s something special about reading news on your tablet. Indeed, swiping through articles brings to mind the familiar feeling of flipping through a favorite magazine or newspaper. Starting today, Google News feels even more natural and fluid on tablet devices. For example:

You can find new articles, news sources, and even topics of interest with intuitive gestures. Swipe horizontally between sections – from Business to Entertainment, for example – or tap “Explore in depth” to see multiple articles and other info related to a particular story.

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How to find your Google Plus ID

This is so simple

1. Go to your Google + account (

2. Click on the Profile icon on the Left.

3. If you look at the URL in the address bar, it should look something like this:

4. The long numerical string in the URL is your Google+ ID. Here is CoderzHeaven’s from the URL above:


Google + CoderzHeaven

Apple again the most valuable brand.

Apple took the top spot for the second year in a row, beating out IBM, Google, and McDonald’s to assume the position of the world’s most valuable brand.

At $183 billion, Apple is the world’s most valuable brand, according to Millward Brown Optimor’s annual BrandZ study. Apple was last year’s most valuable brand, as well, though the company’s value jumped 19 percent over last year’s $153.3 billion tally.

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New features in Android GingerBread OS version from Google

1. Support for Mobile Payments
Android phones which have android gingerbread option will help you pay all your bills through your mobile phone. No need to wait in line or switch on your computer to pay bills. Sit in your office and pay your bills using android OS gingerbread.

2. One Touch Copy and Paste
Using gingerbread android OS you can just press and hold the text to be copied from any website or text messages to copy and paste them in different location. You can even select the boundary line for the text copied.

3. Internet Calling
Users using android OS gingerbread will be able to do internet calling through mobile phones. One touch through your mobile phone will help you have a voice call also. Anyways Google will have its own copy for the contact list you dial.

4. Fastest and Best Battery Back Up
Google promises that android gingerbread is the fastest OS in android phones. Smart phones that have all high usage options will surely have a poor battery backup. Android OS gingerbread stops the battery consumption over a point of time and helps to have a better battery backup.

5. Android Market
Any application you need to download or install in your android phone, you can just login to your online android market. Online downloads will directly get installed in your mobile phone through the customized Gmail id.

Now you can upload APK's up to 4 GB.

Google has announced that from now on you can upload APK’s up to 4GB. This is an effort to accommodate apps that require more local storage.
Previously Google had made a limitation of 50MB for apps but due to the intervention of high speed 3D games and other Google has decided to increase the file size to 4GB.

Google is also limiting the size of developers APK files to 50MB because it said it wants to preserve secure on-device storage. As a compromise, the company is letting programmers attach expansion files to their APK. Each app can be bundled with two expansion files, with each one comprising up to 2GB.

For most newer devices, the expansion files will be downloaded automatically when a user installs an app from the Android Market, and the refund period won’t start until the expansion files are downloaded.

At Google I/O 2011, Google announced that it would eventually allow developers to host up to 4GB of assets on the market. But the thing is the total apk size for the Android Market is still 50MB but now the developers can have two additional expansion files that can be up to 2GB each. The developer can store these expansion files on the Google servers instead on their own and they will get downloaded along with the apk file. Also, the user will be made aware of the final size of the app before downloading it.

The advantage of using this method over the one currently employed by the developers is that the Android Market allows downloads to run in the background and will even let you pause and resume the download.

For the newer devices, the expansion packs will be downloaded along with the APK itself, while on older devices, the packs will be downloaded on first run using a built in download library.

Android Developers now enjoy the freedom to create high quality content without having to cut corners in order to meet the 50MB file size limitation.

How to create a Vanity URL for Google Plus ?


For creating a Vanity URL, which is easy to remember, for your Google Plus profiles, follow the steps.

1. Go to your Google Plus profile page
2. Copy your Google Plus ID from the URL (Your ID is the Long Digits between ‘’ & ‘posts’!)
3. Now go to ‘’
4. Enter the Nick Name you wanted and the ID in the boxes and Add
5. Done.


Note : is not a Google Product.

How to invite / transfer all your facebook friends to google plus ?


As most of you know already, Facebook won’t allow direct transfer of your Facebook contacts to gmail or to Google Plus. Yup, they are rivals!

But there is a very simple and easy way to transfer all your facebook contacts to gmail and invite all of them via google plus.

Follow the simple and easy steps to invite all of your Facebook friends to Google Plus.

1. Go to your Yahoo Mail (If you don’t have one yet, create one with in 3 minutes!)
2. Go to Contacts and Click Import Contacts
3. Now Click the Facebook Logo and Click ‘OK’ to share with Yahoo (It will import all your Facebook contacts!)
4. Then, Select All Your Contacts
5. Click Actions and Export
6. Export them as Yahoo CSV format.
7. Done. Now you have exported all your Facebook Contacts
8. Open your Gmail and go to Contacts Tab
9. Create a New group, say FaceBook
10. Click ‘FaceBook’ label and then ‘More Actions’
11. Import the Yahoo file you have just exported. (Remember to select ‘FaceBook’ group from dropdown! or any other group)
12. Done. Now all your Facebook friends are in your gmail account.
13. Now go to your Google Plus and click on the circles
14. Google Plus must have already identified them in your ‘Find and Invite’


How to enable new gmail theme similar to google plus ?


Gmail now offers us with a new, elegant, clean and pretty Google Plus look to our Gmail. It’s all new look. Just like Google Plus.

Follow these steps to enable new gmail theme similar to google plus in your gmail.

1. Click on the ‘gears’ icon on the top bar (Top Right)
2. Select Mail settings
3. Click the Themes tab
4. Now choose from the two new themes, Preview OR Preview Dense, seen at the bottom
5. Done.