How to find your Google Plus ID

This is so simple

1. Go to your Google + account (

2. Click on the Profile icon on the Left.

3. If you look at the URL in the address bar, it should look something like this:

4. The long numerical string in the URL is your Google+ ID. Here is CoderzHeaven’s from the URL above:


Google + CoderzHeaven

Blog title not shown in WordPress.

This is one of the common problems found in the site hosted on wordpress.
If your blog title is not showing the title,

Then go to Settings-> General-> Blog title and set the blog title there.

If still the title is not coming..then you must have installed “All in One SEO” as plugin in your wordpress site or blog.
“All in One SEO” overrides the blog title. So what you have to do is go to Settings -> All in One SEO and set the blog title there.
This will solve your problem.
Good luck.