Cocos2D CCMenu – An Example

Hi, While using cocos2D you may need to create some scenes with menu items on it. This example given below shows , how to create a cocos2D menu scene with menu items using images. You can have your own custom fancy image text indicating menu items using this. 🙂

Android: Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: null

This error often comes when your android project size is large. Try the following steps to remove the error 1. Clean the project Project > Clean 2. Increase the memory allocated in eclipse.ini Open the eclipse.ini file in the the Eclipse folder. Then edit -Xms128m to -Xmx512m or something higher Hope this help you

Compare two strings in C Sharp/C# – Case Insensitive

Hi, Sometimes you may need to check whether two strings are equal or not equal by checking case insensitive. See the example below to see how to achieve the same using C Sharp /C#. Output : heaven and HEAVEN are equal – Case Insensitive! 🙂

Program to generate Fibonacci series in C Sharp/C#

Hi, Here is a simple program to generate Fibonacci series using C Sharp /C#. It will generate Fibonacci numbers < 100. [csharp] class MainClass { public static void Main() { int oldNum = 1; int presentNum = 1; int nextNum; System.Console.Write(presentNum + ","); while (presentNum < 100) { System.Console.Write(presentNum + ","); nextNum = presentNum +… Read More »

How to create and delete a directory in SdCard in ANDROID?

Hi all…… This is a simple example to create and delete a directory in ANDROID. Here the directly is created in the SDCARD. So first create an SDCARD and start the emulator with the SDCARD. Let’s look at the program. Use can use this program to create or delete a file in ANDROID also. main.xml… Read More »

Get files from a directory – C#/C Sharp

Hi, Sometimes you may need to get the files from a specified directory using C# / C Sharp. See the sample code on how it works. This code will get you files from the root directory. 🙂

C#/C Sharp – Delete file in a folder

Hi, Let’s see a simple example of deleting a file in a folder using c#. sampleFile.Create() will create the file in the specified folder. sampleFile.Delete() will delete the file in the specified folder. 🙂

ANDROID – Upload an image to Server in Android Studio

Hi all, In today’s tutorial I will show you how to send an image to server using POST method in ANDROID. Uploading an image to server is a basic requirement in many of our application. Sending data to server which is using a PHP Script is already explained in this example . Now in this… Read More »

Showing Twitter updates on Blogger/Blogspot

Hi, If you want to show the latest twitter update of yours in your blogger/blogspot, then use the following steps. 1. Go to your blogger ‘Design’ 2. Click ‘Add A Gadget’ 3. Add ‘HTML/JavaScript’ 4. Paste the following JavaScript code into it and save 5. Done! Note : Replace ‘SampleURL’ with your twitter id &… Read More »

How to create a text file in C# ?

Hi, How can you create a text file in C# and write to it? Sometimes you may need to create a text file using C sharp program. Here is how you can do that. 🙂

Identifying sprite associated with a particular body in Box2D

Hi, How can you identify the sprite associated with a particular body while using box2D ? Sometimes you may need to identify the sprite associated with the body you are using. For that use the following line of code. Now you got the corresponding sprite in your ‘yourSprite’ 🙂

Android frame Animation

A series of frames is drawn one after the other at regular intervals. For this create a xml which contains ImageView for showing the animation The main java file is Next the main part, an xml which holds each image and duration in which each image shows. The xml should be placed inside drawable folder… Read More »

A simple exception handling using C#

Hi, See how a very simple exception handling works with try-catch methods using C#. Output- “You got the exception-> Attempted to divide by zero.” 🙂

Android dialog with ListView

For implementing a ListView, we first create a xml which contains a ListView named list.xml Next we create a Dialog Object and inflate the above xml and when the listItem is clicked then a Alert Dialog windows comes The java file is listed below The alert window look like this When the Item is selected… Read More »

How to check SDCard free space in ANDROID?

This is a simple example that shows how many bytes are free in your SDCard. Inorder to run this example, you have to create an SDCard and start the emulator with the SDCard. Now create a fresh project and name it “” and copy the following code to it. The main.xml file AndroidManifest file Please… Read More »

SQLiteManager plugin for eclipse

When you are working on an Android application that stores data in a SQLite database.There arise many questions like where does this database file get stored on the filesystem ? How can we access the database? I will give solution to all these problems. I created the SQLite database from my previous post about Using… Read More »

How to find a leap year using C# ?

Hi, Sometimes you may need to find whether a particular year is leap year or not. But how can you find out whether a particular year is leap year or not in C# ? Use the following code. And the output is, Is the year 2011 a leap year ? = False 🙂

Accessing all items of an Array in C#

Hi, In order to access all the items of an array in C#, use the following lines of code. We are using foreach loop to access all the elements of an array in C#. It will print out, Spell: Apple Spell: Ball Spell: Cat 🙂

How to insert a string using C# ?

Hi, Want to know how to insert a string at a particular position in C# ? See the following code. It will print- “Coderz Codes Heaven” 🙂