• How to use CCBitmapFontAtlas in iPhone cocos2D?

    CCBitmapFontAtlas faster than CCLabel. Labels that update fast at the expense of more memory usage, like any other CCSprite,is the specialty of the CCBitmapFontAtlas class //Usage… CCBitmapFontAtlas scoreLabel = [CCBitmapFontAtlas bitmapFontAtlasWithString:@”0″ fntFile:@”bitmapfont.fnt”];

  • Working with files in Objective C

    Basic file operations Assumes the existence of a file called “testfile” in the current working directory #import #import #import #import #import int main (int argc, char *argv[]) { NSAutoreleasePool * pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init]; NSString *fName = @”testfile”; NSFileManager […]

  • How to use picker in iphone, A simple example.

    #import “ViewController.h” @implementation ViewController @synthesize mlabel; – (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; arrayNo = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init]; [arrayNo addObject:@” Hello “]; [arrayNo addObject:@” Hai “]; [arrayNo addObject:@” Picker “]; [arrayNo addObject:@” Simple “]; [arrayNo addObject:@” example “]; [pickerView selectRow:1 inComponent:0 animated:NO]; […]

  • Minimise all windows Shortcut in Windows.

    Hold the windows key and press M. This will minimise all windows in one key press! This is the same as pressing the ‘Show Desktop’ icon but without having to click on it. It should be noted that Windows key […]

  • PC Optimization – Clearing Temp files from your PC

    The temp folder found in C:WindowsTemp often contains files that have no reason to exist any longer. You can use the ‘Disk Cleanup Wizard’ that comes with windows to sort out your temp folder by clicking on the Start menu […]

  • Repeat animations in Cocos2D in iphone.

    You can create endlessly looping animations this way. This code lets a node rotate forever like an endlessly spinning wheel:

  • Reset Windows XP password

    — First thing you need to do is to start command prompt or CMD. There is two ways: Press F8 when Windows XP start up (before windows xp logo – progress bar for loading) and choose “Save Mode Command prompt” […]

  • How to set ringtone in android programmatically?

    This code will set your ringtone for ANDROID. To set a ringtone you have to add it to the database. otherwise it will not be set also gives no error also. Insert it into the database

  • what is XPath?

    XSLT uses XPath to find information in an XML document. XPath is used to navigate through elements and attributes in XML documents.

  • How to capture audio in an android application?

    This code snippet captures audio from a given source and saves it to a file with android.media.MediaRecorder.

  • what is the difference between CSS and XSL?

    CSS = Style Sheets for HTML HTML uses predefined tags, and the meaning of each tag is well understood. The table tag in HTML defines a table – and a browser knows how to display it. XSL = Style Sheets […]

  • How to enable and disable Wifi in ANDROID?

    The WifiManager can be used to enable and disable wifi. Where ‘enabled’ is a boolean.

  • what is E4X Simply?

    E4X = JavaScript for XML E4X means “ECMAScript For XML”. It is a standard extension to ECMAScript. So in real life E4X means “JavaScript for XML”.

  • Custom Toasts in ANDROID.

    First, just show an image inside a toast: This method just displays a text toast: And this method displays a Toast that contains both an image and text:

  • How to make sure the network is available in android?

    Get all the available network connections One important thing is that don’t forget to add the following lines in the manifest file

  • Get my Telephone number in ANDROID

    Gets the phone number the app is running on. It needs a permission so add the line uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE” to the manifest.xml

  • How to start an application at bootup in ANDROID?

    This snippet starts an Application automatically after the android-os booted up. in AndroidManifest.xml (application-part):

  • How to send an SMS from an android application?

    It’s easy to send Messages using the SmsManager in android. Check some of the examples relating to working with SMS’s in android. 1. How to simulate an incoming call to an emulator OR Send an SMS to an emulator in […]

  • How to convert Bitmap image to drawable in Android?

    Converting a bitmap to drawable is really easy in ANDORID. It has a class called BitmapDrawable which takes a bitmap as the parameter and convert it into a drawable object.

  • Play Video using VideoView in ANDROID.

    Playing a video file is simple in android. This post will help you. Put your video in res/raw folder. If no raw folder present then create a new folder inside res. The main. xml file. Please leave your comments if […]

  • How to drag and drop in ANDROID?

    The following code helps you to do a drag and drop in ANDROID.

  • How to uninstall an application in ANDROID phone through Code?

    By using the below code snippet you can uninstall an installed application on your ANDROID phone. Create an intent object with an action and data as the package name and start with the ACTION_DELETE.

  • To restart your application in Adobe AIR

    Call this function to restart your application Note : PLease add this to your app.XML file inorder for the above code to work.

  • Load html string into WebView in android

    This sample code helps you to load html from a string and from a file into webview in ANDROID.


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