StoryBoards in iOS – A Simple Example

Hey everyone, Today we will see how we can use storyboards in an application. First we will Create a sample project named “StoryBoardDemo” Now we will Add the Navigation Controller For that Go To Menu -> Editor >Embed In -> NavigationController Now Double Click on the Title Bar and Add the title “Companies” Now Drag… Read More »

Localhost for Android Emulator and iPhone Simulator.

If you are trying to access a file (PHP or java) residing in your server in your own machine, then you have to use a specific IP to access it. If it is public, then use the other System’s IP 1. If it is localhost, In Android you use it as The localhost refers… Read More »

Open Camera, Take Photo, Save it, Load it – iOS Sample code

This example shows how to Open Camera, Take Photo, Save it, Load it in iOS. Before this make sure that you have two buttons and one imageview in the Interface (image above) and link them to appropriate actions and variables ViewController.h” ViewController.m

Customizing UITableView using “Prototype Cells” in iOS.

Hi all, In today’s tutorial we will study how we can customize a UITableView using “Prototype Cells” in iOS which was introduced in XCode 5.0. First Create a new Project and Name it “CustomTBLView”. Now you will get the Main.storyBoard file with other ViewController and Delegate Files. Open Main.storyBoard and “Drag” a TableView on to… Read More »

Handling Files in iOS

Hi All, In Todays article we will see how we can handle files in Objective C. The list of the methods used for accessing and manipulating files are listed below. Here you have to replace the FilePath1, FilePath2 and FilePath strings to our required full file paths to get the desired action. Comparing two file… Read More »

Building Custom Components in Android.

Hi everyone, In this tutorial we will be building a Custom TextView. ie. this TextView will be extending the inBuil TextView and have its own custom attributes along with the default attributes in a TextView in Android. So we will start. We will be making a custom textview and presenting to the UI using 1.… Read More »

Delegates in iOS – A Simple Example

Hi All, Today I am going to talk about iOS Delagates. This example shows how to write a common delegate for a mail composer in iOS. First I am going to crate a seperate class for invoking the MailComposer Modal view controller. The class is named “Common”. So Create .m and .h files for Common.… Read More »

Xcode 6 crashes when validating or submitting app archive.

Before somedays some people might have experienced this issue when you are trying to validate or while submitting, the Xcode just crashes. However its the problem with the XCode due to wrong programming practice or not a professional approach from Apple. Apple could have warned the user about what is wrong. There is a simple… Read More »

Nexus 6 Came…

Specifications GENERAL 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – all models   CDMA 800 / 1900 – XT1103 US model 3G Network HSDPA 800 / 850 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 / 900 – XT1100 Global model   HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 – XT1103… Read More »

Android In App Purchased Demo V3.

Hi all, This demo shows how to do in app purchase for managed products in Android using Version 3 in-app Billing API. Please Go through this before trying out this Demo These are the important steps in to remember for doing in app purchase. 1. You have to download the Google In App Billing… Read More »

Random Integer array without repetition in Objective C Iphone

This sample code generates a random number and checks whether its already present in the array. If yes then it will not add else it will add, thus generating a random array without duplicates. Please leave your valuable comments if you found this post useful.

How to download an image from a URL in Objective C iPhone?

This method downloads the image from the specified URL and stores in the documents directory and then shown in an ImageView. Make sure you have an imageview linked with the outlet in the UserInterface. Please leave your comments if you found this code useful.

How to create a radioGroup in Android inside a Scrollview?

Here is a sample code that creates a radiobutton group inside a scrollview. Please make sure you have a scrollview in your UI and its linked. // This function adds the radio buttons inside the scrollview. Here I am using some of my variables to generate the count of radio buttons. Please make sure to… Read More »

Yota Phone – The Android Smartphone From Russia With Two Screens

Let’s start with the underlying hardware. Compared to some of the flagship and high-end Android devices launched in 2013, the Yota Phone is decidedly mid-range. The Dual-Core 1.7 GHz Krait CPU has the speed and capability to run Android comfortably, but the handset doesn’t stretch the specs in the current market. It’s nice to see… Read More »

App Translation Service Now Available to All Developers

To help developers reach users in other languages, Google launched the App Translation Service, which allows developers to purchase professional app translations through the Google Play Developer Console. This is part of a toolbox of localization features you can (and should!) take advantage of as you distribute your app around the world through Google Play.… Read More »

Intel ready to turn Android into Once Windows were…

Yes The chip maker is now ready for making android scale to even bigger screen that is dominated by the Windows platform.. Intel is reportedly thinking beyond Microsoft when it comes to a full-fledged ‘client’ operating system, and the best bet today for it is Google’s Android. The chipmaker’s general manager, Kirk Skaugen said that… Read More »

How to work in ActionBar support Library.

Hi all Today’s post is all about working with ActionBar support libraries from Google. These libraries support from Android 2.1 (API 7). For working with these libraries we have to follow some instructins. Please follow these steps exactly for setting up a Actionbar support library. 1. Start the Android SDK Manager. In the SDK Manager… Read More »

How to Create a new theme for ActionBar in Android.

In this post I will be telling you about how to change the default theme of ActionBar with our own custom One. Here I will be changing the background color, textColor and alpha of default ActionBar. Let’s see how it is done. By Checking out the styles.xml you will find that by default it looks… Read More »

A 4.8 inch iPhone may be on the way

Every iPhone user may be envious on seeing a bigger screen Android Phone. But don’t worry Apple is said to be working on an iPhone with a 4.8-inch screen, a 20% increase in screen size from the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5. Jeffries analyst Peter Misek has issued a research note to investors… Read More »

Using Meta-data in Android Manifest and accessing it.

Sometimes you have the need to set up some app-wide configuration information in an Android app or need to create a class that can be used in multiple projects with a generic way of setting configuration values. This is particularly useful for things like API keys that will probably be different across apps but should… Read More »