• How to write Simple Animation while setVisibility.GONE in Android?

    Automatic animations on Layout Change If you want to animate views in a layout without writing big codes. Here is a Simple way. Find the root element of the layout and add this property to it. Adding Manual Animations Fade […]

  • Zoom In animation between Two Activities.

    Hello everyone… I have already shown you how to override default animation between activities. Today I will show a zoom in and out animation between activities. Take a look at this post for another animation between activities. Create files named […]

  • Using of CCWaves in iPhone

    CCWaves is one of the interesting functionalities in Cocos2D iphone. Check out this following snippet to see how it works. Please leave your valuable comments on this post………………….

  • Custom Indeterminate progressBar for android?

    Hello everyone… Today we will see how to customize an indeterminate progressBar in android. For that we have to create an xml with a progress animation.For this I used these three images Inside the folder res/drawable create an xml named […]

  • How to change the default transition between activities?

    In android the default transition between activities is to slide from left to right. But with custom animations we can change that. First create a folder inside the res/drawable folder called “anim”. Then create a file named “fade.xml” and copy […]

  • Simple View Animation in ANDROID?

    Hi all….. In this post I will show you a simple animation using a textView. It’s really simple. Steps. 1. Create a fresh project and copy this java code into it. 2. Create a folder named “anim” inside the res […]

  • How to set ringtone in android programmatically?

    This code will set your ringtone for ANDROID. To set a ringtone you have to add it to the database. otherwise it will not be set also gives no error also. Insert it into the database

  • Custom Toasts in ANDROID.

    First, just show an image inside a toast: This method just displays a text toast: And this method displays a Toast that contains both an image and text:


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