• A simple exception handling using C#

    Hi, See how a very simple exception handling works with try-catch methods using C#. Output- “You got the exception-> Attempted to divide by zero.” 🙂

  • Playing sound on the Mac Desktop in Objective C.

    There are different ways for playing sound on the Mac in Objective C. Let’s look at some of the methods.. 1. Play by filename. NSSound *mySound = [NSSound soundNamed:@”sound”]; if you have no file named “sound” in your application’s main […]

  • Preventing Overriding in Java

    Methods and variables can be ‘override’ in subclasses. (Yes, it’s a good feature too!). But what if we don’t want to ‘override’ our Methods and Variables in Java? It’s simple… Declare them using the keyword ‘final’ as modifier. That’s it. […]

  • Abstract Class in java

    This example shows how a simple java abstract class works Here “Shape” is the abstract class abstract class Shape { abstract void initial(); // methods only defined….. abstract void display(); } class cube extends Shape { void initial() // Abstract […]

  • How to access a remote php file from ANDROID?

    For working on the localhost use and for remote use the IP or domain name of the server. The following code does this.

  • Detect when the ANDROID Screen Goes Off ?

    This is the main Java file that extends activity. Create a file named ScreenON_OFF_ACTIVITY.java and place the below code in it. This is the class that extends the Broadcast receiver class that receives the notifications. create a java file and […]


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