• Playing sound on the Mac Desktop in Objective C.

    There are different ways for playing sound on the Mac in Objective C. Let’s look at some of the methods.. 1. Play by filename. NSSound *mySound = [NSSound soundNamed:@”sound”]; if you have no file named “sound” in your application’s main […]

  • ToolTip Sound in Adobe AIR/FLEX…

    Sometimes we may need to have a sound when we hover over something, i.e when a tooltip appears. Actually this can be done easily by adding an eventListener to the corresponding control. Take a look at the example. This line […]

  • How to play music in cocos2D or Box2D, iPhone?

    This simple code plays a music…….. [[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] playBackgroundMusic:@”my_music.mp3″]; For stopping the music use this……. [[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine]stopBackgroundMusic]; To pause the music use this line of code….. [[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] pauseBackgroundMusic];

  • Play an MP3 in Adobe AIR/FLEX

    Often in out applications we need to play sounds , so this code explains how to play, stop and resume an mp3 sound in Adobe AIR/FLEX. What you have to do is to copy the following code and place it […]

  • Play all songs from your raw directory in ANDROID continuously.

    In ANDROID all resource has a unique resource ID which we get by passing the song name to the function below playSong(). The function getAllResourceIDs() will convert this String which is the name of the song to the unique resource […]


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