• Custom SeekBar in Android With Labels in Bottom.

    In this article I will be making a SeekBar as shown in the below screenshot. CustomSeekBar Class We will create a custom class for creating the custom Seekbar. I named it “CustomSeekBar.java” Usage Here is the layout. This is how […]

  • How to load a spinner with values from SQlite Database in android?

    Here is a simple example showing how to load a database values in a spinner in android. OK we will start. This is the layout for the spinner row. spinner_row.xml This is the layout for the interface. activity_main.xml Now this […]

  • Listening to EditText input in Android using TextWatcher.

    Hello all……. In todays post I will show you how to listen to an EditText input in Android. Often we need this in our applications. We implement this with the help of TextWatcher class. Here is the java code for […]

  • Gradient Text in Corona

    To create gradient text in corona, you have to download ‘Corona daily build 612’ which has functions like setFillColor() etc. You create a new gradient object by calling graphics.newGradient(). You can pass (and reuse) the object in calls to text:setTextColor() […]

  • How to change the textColor in Corona SDK?

    This is really simple in Corona, just use textObject:setTextColor( 255,255,255 )

  • TextSwitching animation in ANDROID or Using TextSwitcher Control in ANDROID

    Hi all….. Today I will show you how to do a simple and beautiful text animation while switching the text in a textView in android The advantage is that you don’t need a seperate xml file for animation in this […]

  • SQLiteManager plugin for eclipse

    When you are working on an Android application that stores data in a SQLite database.There arise many questions like where does this database file get stored on the filesystem ? How can we access the database? I will give solution […]

  • How to use SQLite in ANDROID, A really simple example.

    Hello ANDROID Lovers…….. In today’s tutorial I will show you how to deal with SQLite Databases in ANDROID. You know that SQLite are Lightweight databases which is maintained only on the client side. They don’t need a server. The SQLite […]


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