Uploading and Downloading Files in Android

Here are the links of my most popular posts on downloading and uploading of files to and from your android device.

uploading and downloading images in android

1. How to download a file from a remote site in android? – Another simple example – Method -3

2. How to download a file to your android device from a remote server with a custom progressbar showing progress?

3. How to upload an image from Android device to server? – Method 4

4. Uploading audio, video or image files from Android to server

5. How to Upload Multiple files in one request along with other string parameters in android?

6. How to Download an image in ANDROID programatically?

7. ANDROID – Upload an image to a server

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6 thoughts on “Uploading and Downloading Files in Android”

    1. You can refer my MySQL posts which will get the value stored as string and just do getText().toString() from your edittext and compare with “.equals”.

  1. Please give us an example of how to upload image with lat and long from GPS sensor using android and upload it to a server.. Thanks..

  2. Please provide me the actual steps :

    1) how to register an app
    2)how to connect to YOU TUBE Channel SERVER
    3) How to Upload videos on YOU TUBE Channel
    4) How to get NOTIFICATIONS if My uploaded videos gets a feedback..

    Please suggest me the actual Steps how to proceed in detail….

    Please reply me as early as possible…

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