Reset Windows XP password

By | December 19, 2010

— First thing you need to do is to start command prompt or CMD. There is two ways:

Press F8 when Windows XP start up (before windows xp logo – progress bar for loading) and choose “Save Mode Command prompt” option
If you are logged in: click on start -> Run, type “cmd” and press ENTER.
— In command prompt window type command “net user” or “net users”. You will see the list of users that are created on current running OS.
— Type “net user” “user name” “*”. You will see that windows will ask you to enter new password for that particular user account! No super user privileges needed. Just type new password two times and you are done.
— Example of process: If the administrator username is “administrator” then command for changing its password will be: “net user administrator *”.

Reset for any username use

net user %username% *

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