Getting started with Corona

By | November 27, 2011

In the previous post I told you about corona SDK and Today I will show you how to get started with Corona SDK.

1. First Go to and download the SDK for trial.
2. If you are a MAC user then download the dmg or if you are windows user then download the exe installer.
3. Open the file and install it in your system.
4. Now the Corona SDK comes with a lot of samples.
For that go to your corona installed directory and inside that a folder named samples is there.
Open a sample and locate main.lua file, right click on it and run in corona simulator.
5. Now the corona simulator will come up select continue trial and your sample code will run now.
6. Now go on and change the code as you like.
7. If you want to see the console then locate the “Corona.Debugger”( In windows) file and Run it-> it is your console.
8. Explore the rest of the sample code and have fun

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