Android Testing Tools

By | March 30, 2017

Automated testing processes are now a common thing in every project.

Lets see some of them


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  • Low Level tool
  • Does not have to do coding to automate tests
  • Written in Python
  • It can run test cases on rela devices connected to a PC/Emulators.
  • APIs available for controlling a smartphone outside Android Code.


  • Its necessary to write scripts for each device.
  • Tests require adjustments each time when user interface of the tested program is changed.



  • Free
  • Suitable for tests automation for different Android versions and sub-versions.
  • Tests created by Robotium are written in Java.
  • Robotium is a library for unit tests.


  • Time Consuming to create tests.
  • User need to work with programming source code.
  • It cannot lock and unlock a smartphone or a tablet.
  • There is no Record and Play function.
  • It does not provide screenshots.



  • Supports early Android version from Android 2.2
  • Generates detailed reports with Screenshots.
  • It can connect a smartphone or a tablet to Internet via WiFi.
  • An automated test engineer can elaborate data-driven tests, excluding XML data format, by means of this Android tool.
  • It allows user to create test cases with just button clicks or elaborating additional program modules.


  • Not Free.
  • Slow

Appium Android Automation Framework


  • Supports both Android and iOS
  • Supports Android versions from 2.3 and later
  • It supports many programming languages, such as Java, C#, Ruby.
  • It can control Safari and Chrome on mobile devices. This allows to test mobile web sites using Appium and these browsers.


  • Some complain about its poor insufficient reports.
  • Also its weakness is reduced XPath support on mobile devices.

UI Automator


  • Elaborated by Google
  • Supports Android versions beginning from 4.1
  • Can interact with all kinds of apps including system apps. So it can lock or unlock a smartphone.
  • UI Automator also can utilize external buttons of a device, such as buttons for going back, volume regulation, turning on and off the device.
  • It can be integrated with testing framework TestNG. In this case UI Automator can generate informative and detailed reports, similar to reports generated by Ranorex. This tool also searches elements very fast.

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