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How to check whether a video has completed playing in android?

By | January 6, 2012

Hello all… Today I will show you how to get notified when a video completes playing in android. PLease check this post for playing a video and the resources. First create a folder named “raw” inside the “res” folder and copy a video inside it. Now copy the xml from this link. For listening to the video completion… Read More »

Play all songs from your raw directory in ANDROID continuously.

By | February 10, 2011

In ANDROID all resource has a unique resource ID which we get by passing the song name to the function below playSong(). The function getAllResourceIDs() will convert this String which is the name of the song to the unique resource ID which can then be used to play the song. setOnCompletionListener() will be executed when the MediaPlayer completes… Read More »