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How to move a body manually in Box2D? or Give a force to a body in Box2D, iPhone.

By | April 28, 2012

This is a sample code to move a body in Box2D . First you have to make a body with variable name “moving_rec” and call the below function in a schedular at regular intervals. -(void) moveBody{ b2Vec2 force = b2Vec2(0,0); force = b2Vec2(0,3); //Giving the x an y to negative will move the body in opposite direction. moving_rec->SetLinearVelocity(force);… Read More »

How to change the Z value of a Sprite during an action in Cocos2D ?

By | March 27, 2011

Hi, There may arise some situations where you need to change the z value of a particular sprite during an action in Cocos2D. So how can you do that? See the following lines of code. CCSprite *sample= [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@”trialImage.png”]; sample.position = ccp(160,240); [self addChild:sample z:1]; /* Some of your actions goes here! */ [self reorderChild:sample z:9]; This will… Read More »