• How will you programatically enable or disable WIFI in android?

    Hello all.. This is a simple code snippet to enable WI-FI in android programatically in android. Note : Make sure to add the permissions in the manifest file. These are the permissions. Please leave your valuable comments on this post.

  • How to remove a view in your xml layout file using program?

    Hello everyone, this is a simple example showing how to remove a view in android that is created using your xml file. This is the xml file that contains a TextView Here is the java code for removing this view […]

  • How to open wifi settings in android?

    Hello all.. In today’s tutorial I will show you how to open the wifisettings in android programatically. This code comes handy when the user have not enabled the wifi and you want the user to enable it for your application […]

  • How to create a splash screen in android?

    Hello everyone today i will show you how to create a splash screen in android. This is one of the simplest ways to create a splash screen however there are another ways to create the splash screen. Lets look at […]

  • How to create a MD5 hash of a word in android?

    This is one of the most useful things in android. We can use the MD5 algorithm to create a hash of any string we want. Here is the code for doing that. Check the LogCat for output. Please leave your […]

  • How to keep your screen-on through XML in android?

    Hello everyone, Today I will give you a simple tip on how to keep your screen on While your application is running in android. In Real devices the problem is you will loose some of the values in your variable […]


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