How to add files like images inside your emulator in ANDROID?

By | March 24, 2011

In many of our android applications we need images and other files to be inside your emulator, such as images in the gallery. But unlike iPhone we cannot simply drag and drop files inside the emulator., because iPhone’s is simply a simulator. It justs creates an envoronment for testing. But ANDROID mimics the real phone. So we need to put files into the memory space inside the phone.
In this tutorial I will show you how to add files to the gallery of ANDROID emulator.
First you need to create an SD card for the emulator.
Second start the emulator with the created SD Card.

These two things are covered in this tutorial.
Third Open File Explorer from Window-> showViews and search for File-explorer.
You can see the File-explorer in the screnshot below.

See the Market portion on the right side of the window.
There are two buttons for pulling data out of the emulator and other for putting data into the emulator. Click on the “push a file on to the device”

Then you will be prompted with a dialogue(see above screenshot). choose the file from your computer and click Open. The selected file will be in your Emulator SD Card.

Now to see the file inside your emulator.
Either restart your phone or restart the emulator. If you put an image file then go to “Gallery” and you will see the pulled in file.

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