Different ways to trim a string in Corona SDK.

By | December 11, 2011

Here are the different ways to trim a string in Corona SDK.

-- CoderzHeaven String Trimming examples in Corona.
-- Here you can see different methods for trimming a string in corona.

function trim1(s)
  return (s:gsub("^%s*(.-)%s*$", "%1"))

function trim2(s)
  return s:match "^%s*(.-)%s*$"

function trim3(s)
  return s:gsub("^%s+", ""):gsub("%s+$", "")

function trim4(s)
  return s:match"^%s*(.*)":match"(.-)%s*$"

function trim5(s)
  return s:match'^%s*(.*%S)' or ''

-- has bad performance.. use at your own risk.
function trim6(s)
  return s:match'^()%s*$' and '' or s:match'^%s*(.*%S)'

local str = " CoderzHeaven ";
print("--------------Trimming a string in Corona SDK---------------");
print ('Str Original Length Length : '..string.len(str))

str = trim1(str);
print ('Str Length using First Function  : '..string.len(str))

-- reassigning to check trim function using other functions.
str = " CoderzHeaven ";
str = trim2(str);
print ('Str Length using second function : '..string.len(str))

str = " CoderzHeaven ";
str = trim3(str);
print ('Str Length using third function  : '..string.len(str))

Please check the console for the output.

Download the source code from here

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