Google introduces ‘Reviews from the web’; will show it in search

By | September 9, 2016

Google has announced ‘Review from the web’ feature for businesses, which will show user-generated reviews, along with reviews by critics directly in the search results. According to a blog post, Google will be adding this “Reviews from the web” to local Knowledge Panels, in addition to the “best-of lists and critic reviews features.”
Google’s post says, “Whether your site publishes editorial critic reviews, best-of places lists, or aggregates user ratings, this content can be featured in local Knowledge Panels when users are looking for places to go.” The feature will go live on mobile and desktop across the world, and it will bring “aggregated user ratings of up to three review sites to Knowledge Panels.” This will apply to places like a restaurant, parks, amusement parks, shops, etc.

You can read more from here.

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