Sometimes you may need to get all the characters in a string using C Sharp/C#. The following code gives you an example of how to get or display all the characters of a given string.

using System;

class MainClass

  public static void Main()
    string sampleString= "I Love Coding";

    for (int num = 0; num < sampleString.Length; num++)
      Console.WriteLine("sampleString[" + num + "] = " + sampleString[num]);



sampleString[0] = I
sampleString[1] =
sampleString[2] = L
sampleString[3] = o
sampleString[4] = v
sampleString[5] = e
sampleString[6] =
sampleString[7] = C
sampleString[8] = o
sampleString[9] = d
sampleString[10] = i
sampleString[11] = n
sampleString[12] = g




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