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Temple Run : Brave – iPhone/iPad & Android App Review

By | July 2, 2012

Among the several fun games which have changed the name of true addictive games, Temple Run stands in the top. It is a huge hit in the App Store and Android Store. It is a simple endless running game with a few monsters chasing you. It is one of the best selling Mobile Application in… Read More »

Get characters in a string – C Sharp/C#

By | April 7, 2012

Hi, Sometimes you may need to get all the characters in a string using C Sharp/C#. The following code gives you an example of how to get or display all the characters of a given string. Output: sampleString[0] = I sampleString[1] = sampleString[2] = L sampleString[3] = o sampleString[4] = v sampleString[5] = e sampleString[6]… Read More »

Destroying Box2D Physics Bodies in Corona SDK

By | August 28, 2011

Hi, For destroying physics bodies in Corona SDK, use any of the following methods. OR Note : While Box2D objects will be safely retained until the end of the current world step, their Lua references will be deleted immediately. Therefore, be careful not to accidentally delete the same Lua object more than once. This situation… Read More »