New features in Android GingerBread OS version from Google

By | March 8, 2012

1. Support for Mobile Payments
Android phones which have android gingerbread option will help you pay all your bills through your mobile phone. No need to wait in line or switch on your computer to pay bills. Sit in your office and pay your bills using android OS gingerbread.

2. One Touch Copy and Paste
Using gingerbread android OS you can just press and hold the text to be copied from any website or text messages to copy and paste them in different location. You can even select the boundary line for the text copied.

3. Internet Calling
Users using android OS gingerbread will be able to do internet calling through mobile phones. One touch through your mobile phone will help you have a voice call also. Anyways Google will have its own copy for the contact list you dial.

4. Fastest and Best Battery Back Up
Google promises that android gingerbread is the fastest OS in android phones. Smart phones that have all high usage options will surely have a poor battery backup. Android OS gingerbread stops the battery consumption over a point of time and helps to have a better battery backup.

5. Android Market
Any application you need to download or install in your android phone, you can just login to your online android market. Online downloads will directly get installed in your mobile phone through the customized Gmail id.

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