Project Treble – Android Version Fragmentation Solved

By | August 18, 2018


Yes, a longtime problem with Android has been solved.
Yes, version fragmentation problem.

Version fragmentation is often Android from different manufacturers had been stuck on different versions which makes it difficult for developers to support all variety of devices. Hopefully the problem is going to be solved.

From Google’s perspective, an OS rollout is actually a three-stage process — starting first with Google, then progressing to the chipset vendor and finally to the phone-maker before reaching us, the users. In looking at those areas, Google realized it had an opportunity to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

And that’s where Treble began. With Oreo, Google laid the foundation by separating Android at the source level and creating a boundary between the main operating system and all that lower-level stuff. With Pie, Google filled in some missing pieces and worked closely with the chipset vendors to make sure they were ready for the new arrangement.

You can think of it like, well, a pie: In the past, all of Android was mixed together, and that meant each ingredient had to be updated and baked into the batter from scratch every single time an OS update came along. With Treble, all the hardware-specific elements exist as a crust — and that crust then remains in place for the life of a device. The phone-maker can then just focus on its part of the process without having to worry about waiting for someone else to provide and mix in an updated base with each new release.

Check if your Android 8.0+ Device Supports Project Treble

Enable USB Debugging for your device. Go to developer options in your device and enable it. Make sure it is available in “adb devices”.

Then, we’ll proceed to start the Android terminal inside ADB. For this, use:

  adb shell

then, use the following command:

  getprop ro.treble.enabled

if it returns true, great, your device supports project Treble.

This flag is needed by Google Play to detect devices which will support project treble and deliver vendor updates to the device.

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