Things to Know About Mobile UX

By | August 30, 2018

Mobile user experience is not only related to design something to use on the mobile devices. It is a process that requires brainstorming, research and development to find out how you can better consider the UX and apply it in your UI.

Keep in mind that the number of mobile internet users is increasing day by day. So, improving the experience of mobile users is just as important as improving the experience of laptop or desktop users. You need to understand how mobile users behave first. Then you should find a good website design company to create an engaging experience for mobile users.

Understand the User Behavior Based On Mobile Device

Not every mobile user behaves the same way. While a Blackberry user responds better to mouse-like functionality, users of touchscreen smartphones will not return to that because they are used to ‘touch interface.’

When a user logs on to the internet through their mobile device, they tend to lose their patience much faster than they would if they were using a desktop. It’s a factor you cannot afford to overlook. If your site is slow, mobile users will consider it as a problem of the website and may even blame their internet connection!

If your web pages are stuffed with multimedia content, they will take more time to download.

But to prevent it you can found out this information in our guide on how images loading libraries work.

When Considering Longer Pages

Do not fill one page with all the content you have. Sure, mobile users are fine with scrolling down the web pages, but it does not mean you should pack every content into one page and offer it to your mobile users. It could yield a negative result for you.

Go creative

Find new ways to structure the content and present it in an appealing manner with things like accordion panels and drop down menus. However, if you have any problems with content writing then visit to find writing tips.

Do Not Take All the Multimedia Away

Just because multimedia content takes time to download on mobile devices, you should not take all the multimedia away and leave the users with a plain text website. That would make the site load very fast, but that would also create a feeling of boredom as there will be no visual variety. For example, you can add the nice animation following our guide.

Mobile Internet Is Here to Stay

Yes. It is not some trend that will fade away with time. It is the future of internet surfing, downloading and everything we do on a desktop or laptop. So, conduct your website programming based on that fact. It is the age of mobile users who will not settle for inferior user experience than desktops. So it is your responsibility to give them a good experience while they are on your mobile website.

Encourage Your Users to Explore

It’s how you can do when your users feel at home on your website. Comfortable and happy users want to delve deeper into your website. But do not make things complex in the process of helping your users ‘discover’ something on your site. Keep it simple so that your users can experience the joy of discovering.


Mobile devices are being improved, technology is advancing, and users are expecting more from their mobile devices. However, bear in mind that high-end technology and inventive features are not as important to users as you consider. Users are much more concerned with finding the information that they are looking for. So, before handing your mobile web designing project to a website design company, talk to everyday mobile users. Understand their needs. Then only should you begin the project?


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