State the difference between App ID and Bundle ID?

By | February 4, 2024
  • Bundle ID: They are the unique identifiers of applications in Apple’s ecosystem. In other words, no two applications can have the same identifier. The bundling ID is used for both OS X and iOS apps and can be used to recognize app updates.
    • Example:
      If our organization’s domain is and we create an app named BillKeeper, you could assign the string com.techtouch.billkeeper as our app’s bundle ID.
  • App ID: This string uniquely identifies one or more apps from the same development team. There are two components to the string, the Team ID and the Bundle ID, separated by a period (.). Apple supplies a Team ID to identify a specific development team, whereas developers supply Bundle IDs to identify a single app or a collection of apps.
    • Example:
      In the above example, ABCDE12345 is the Team ID and com.techtouch.billkeeperis the Bundle ID.

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