FREE Google Plus Invitations


Anyone who wants a Google Plus Invitation, post your gmail id in the comments. We will sent you an invitation.

Post your feedback as well.


133 thoughts on “FREE Google Plus Invitations”

      1. Thank you Malik.

        I received the invite!

        You guys are quite generous to offer these to your site visitors. I expect loads of good karma coming your way. : )

        By the way, the email address that processes the invites is a “no reply” one. I wasn’t kidding about sending back a Spotify US invite in return (it’s the least I could do to thank you for the Google+ one).

        If you ARE interested in that, let me know here or via your own email address.

        Thanks again!

  1. Hey there! any chance of an invite?! I noticed your hands are probably full! My email’s in the required field of the form! thanks in advance guys :)

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