• How to crop an Image in Android?

    This is a sample program that launches the camera and crop the captured image. Check this link to another crop image example. http://www.coderzheaven.com/2011/03/15/crop-an-image-in-android/ This is the layout xml. activity_main.xml Now this is the Main Java File that implements the crop […]

  • How to Sort a String array in Android.

    Hello all…. This is a simple example showing how to sort a string array which is a arraylist in android. we sort the array using the “Collections” class in android. Here is a simple example Take a look at the […]

  • How to remove duplicates from NSMutableArray ?

    Hi, For removing or deleting duplicates from a NSMutableArray , use the following lines of code. It will simply check for duplicates elements and get it deleted or removed. đŸ™‚

  • Accessing all items of an Array in C#

    Hi, In order to access all the items of an array in C#, use the following lines of code. We are using foreach loop to access all the elements of an array in C#. It will print out, Spell: Apple […]

  • Using GridView in ANDROID….

    GridViews are those in which you can arrange elements in a two dimensional grid. It is what you see in the gallery where images are arranged. Here images are arranged in a two dimensional grid. Copy the below code and […]


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